20 Celebrities Who You May Not Know Have Insane Phobias

Channing Tatum Has a Fear of Porcelain Dolls The fear of dolls is called “pediophilia,” and Channing Tatum suffers from it, more specifically when it comes to porcelain dolls. He admitted his phobia to Ellen Degeneres saying, “I just think they’re freaky.” But Ellen made him face his fears by bringing out some dolls for […]

Is Your Toothbrush Is Covered In Your Roommate’s Poop

No matter what you do to clean your toothbrush chances are that it’s still covered on poop. There’s poop on your toothbrush, and your cleaning your teeth with that poop. Do you have a roommate and/or share a bathroom with anyone? There’s an 80% chance their poop is on your toothbrush. A recent study at […]

KFC Sues Over 8-Legged Chickens In China

KFC doesn’t feed China with a small army of eight-legged chickens. And if you say it does, the fast food chain might just take you to court. The fried chicken giant announced Monday it has filed suit against three companies in China, accusing the competitors of starting a rumor campaign questioning the quality of the […]

23 Surprising Facts About Eminem That You Probably Didn’t Know

Eminem failed ninth grade three times before dropping out. Eminem’s decision to pursue rapping came after hearing the hip-hop/ rap group The Beastie Boys. Eminem lied to his baby’s momma, Kim, and said they were going to Chuck E. Cheese in order to record Hailie’s (his daughter) part for the song “’97 Bonnie & Clyde.” […]

American Woman Dies After Being Mauled By Lion At South African Park

An American tourist is dead after she was mauled to death on Monday at Lion Park north of Johannesburg, a park official told the Associated Press. The woman and another passenger were driving through the park with the windows open, according to Eyewitness News. The lion was apparently able to get inside the car, killing […]

Sixth-Grader Writes Adorable Apology After ‘Deez Nuts’ 911 Prank Call

A sixth-grader in Savannah, Georgia, learned this week that prank calls are not emergencies. On Tuesday, the boy hand-wrote an apology to emergency officials after he called a 911 dispatcher, said “deez nuts,” and hung up, according to a Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police press release. He said his friends dared him to do it. His parents […]

When You Put These 19 Items In An Ice Cube Tray, You Can Make Something Incredible

1. Let’s start off easy: freeze leftover coffee… 2. Not that we know why this would ever happen, but if you have leftover wine, freeze it and add it to your next pitcher of sangria. 3. If your yogurt is about to go bad, freeze it to make it last longer.

Police Seize Hundreds Of Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden In Pineapples

Spanish police say they have arrested three suspects and seized 200 kilograms (441 pounds) of cocaine that had been concealed within a shipment of pineapples that arrived at the southwestern port of Algeciras in containers sent from Central America. The drug was hidden inside carefully hollowed-out pineapples that had been placed within 11 containers, a […]