17 Hip-Hop Fashion Trends We Should Pray Never Come Back

Since it’s birth, Hip-hop has seen every kind of style you can imagine. Every decade, the culture managed to produce some of the most creative trends that supersedes the rest. Here are some of the Hip-hop trends we should hope never come back. Tall Tee’s Jeggings Overalls

Man Dies After Drinking 56 Shots, Bartender Convicted Of Manslaughter

A French bartender was convicted of manslaughter on Wednesday after serving 56 shots to a customer who died the next day. The customer, 56-year-old Renaud Prudhomme, downed the alcohol in October 2014 in an attempt to beat the establishment’s record of 55 shots, which bartender Gilles Crepin says he kept written on a board in […]

Woman Put In Jail Over Having Loud Sex

A woman in Birmingham, England, is heading to jail for two weeks because she had sex so loud that it annoyed her neighbors. Gemma Wale became subject to an “antisocial behavior order” forbidding her from bothering her neighbors after they complained to the Birmingham City Council that she’d been making a racket in her apartment. […]

13 Celebrity Who Were Caught In Shocking Plastic Surgery Disasters

Jocelyn Wildenstein Wow, just look how beautiful Jocelyn Wildenstein is in her younger years! Amanda Lepore After having sex reassignment surgery at the early age of 19, Amanda Lepore has continued with body transformations ever since. Unfortunately the surgery has now gone a step too far and produced quite freakish looks. Jackie Stone The mother […]

If You’ve Never Seen An Underwater Hotel, This Room In Dubai Will Literally Have You Sleeping With The Fishes

Sleeping under the sea is a rare treat for us land dwellers. Luckily, a new wave of underwater hotels and suites in places like Bali, Pemba Island in Tanzania and the Atlantis The Palm in Dubai are letting lucky patrons sleep under the sea. Atlantis The Palm in Dubai gained notoriety this week when it […]

65-Year-Old Grandmother Gives Birth To Quadruplets

BERLIN, May 23 (Reuters) – A 65-year-old German grandmother gave birth to quadruplets at a Berlin hospital this week, with the three boys and a girl born prematurely at 26 weeks being in good health and having a good chance of survival, German TV network RTL reported on Saturday. The network, which had covered the […]

12 Regular People Who Look Skeptically Like Real Celebrities

Celebrities seem so far away from real life, but these famous faces actually turn up in some small towns more often than you might think! We’ve heard of being a small town celebrity, but this is ridiculous! CAMERON DIAZ Cameron and her hamster totally aced the county science fair this year! Her teacher was relieved […]

Man Asks City To Ban Fart Smells — Is This A Good Reason?

A resident of Pendleton, Oregon, has written a letter requesting the city council ban the smell of farts in the community, but he has a good reason to be raising a stink. Last week, the City of Pendleton updated its nuisance ordinances to cover the smell of marijuana, NBC reported at the time. That means […]