Look At What Happens When This Man Wears A Prisoner Costume To Jury Duty, The Result Is Genius

ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont man has escaped jury duty — by getting dismissed for wearing a prisoner costume. James Lowe of Barnet says he was released from jury duty on Tuesday when he showed up to court wearing a black-and-white-striped jumpsuit with a matching beanie. The Caledonian Record (http://bit.ly/1QKMx6S ) reports that […]

Does Smoking Pot Helps Rid Parasites?

The Aka pygmies of Africa’s Congo basin are known to smoke a lot of pot, and a new study suggests there may be a big benefit to all that toking, at least for the men: those who smoked the most marijuana were significantly less likely to be heavily infected with parasitic worms. Taste for drugs. […]

10 Bizarre Sex Disorders That May Terrify You

Sex is a beautiful thing. It can also be difficult, terrifying or painful for some. Here are 10 such disorders that ruin sex for the people who have them. 10. Priapism You know how at the tail end of Viagra commercials, after the previously limp man is happy and suggestively smiling with a woman, doing […]

19 Things That Proves You Are/Were A Broke College Kid

College teaches kids many things — like philosophy, calculus and, most importantly, how to get by with little to no money. Cooking a meal is/was more like microwaving Cup Noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When your roommate’s parents visit you try to act interested in meeting them, but you really just want them to […]

Man Sues Funeral Home After Wife’s Casket Surfaces During Flood

A Houston man is suing the cemetery where his wife was buried eight years ago after the woman’s casket rose up out of the ground during recent floods that wreaked havoc in Texas. High waters caused a coffin containing the remains of Carolyn Joyce Fobbs-Lee to rise to the surface last week at Riceville Cemetery […]

Broncos Fine Players for Farting During Team Meetings

Von Miller has broken the rules a number of times, but his latest infraction really stinks. The Denver Broncos linebacker is back at organized team activities after an All-Pro season in 2014. After a recent session, though, Miller let it slip to the Denver Post’s Nicki Jhabvala that a certain habit has taken some significant […]

16 Words You Probably Wouldn’t Believe Are Names Of Colors

We’re all familiar with colors such as red, blue, green, and yellow. But what about carnelian? Bisque? Zaffre? They sound a bit unbelievable, don’t they? Read on to explore a new kind of rainbow. Aureolin If you could capture a drop of the sun, it would look a lot like this. Aureolin is known for […]