10 Bizarre Sex Disorders That May Terrify You

Sex is a beautiful thing. It can also be difficult, terrifying or painful for some. Here are 10 such disorders that ruin sex for the people who have them. 10. Priapism You know how at the tail end of Viagra commercials, after the previously limp man is happy and suggestively smiling with a woman, doing […]

19 Things That Proves You Are/Were A Broke College Kid

College teaches kids many things — like philosophy, calculus and, most importantly, how to get by with little to no money. Cooking a meal is/was more like microwaving Cup Noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When your roommate’s parents visit you try to act interested in meeting them, but you really just want them to […]

16 Words You Probably Wouldn’t Believe Are Names Of Colors

We’re all familiar with colors such as red, blue, green, and yellow. But what about carnelian? Bisque? Zaffre? They sound a bit unbelievable, don’t they? Read on to explore a new kind of rainbow. Aureolin If you could capture a drop of the sun, it would look a lot like this. Aureolin is known for […]

20 Celebrities Who You May Not Know Have Insane Phobias

Channing Tatum Has a Fear of Porcelain Dolls The fear of dolls is called “pediophilia,” and Channing Tatum suffers from it, more specifically when it comes to porcelain dolls. He admitted his phobia to Ellen Degeneres saying, “I just think they’re freaky.” But Ellen made him face his fears by bringing out some dolls for […]

Is Your Toothbrush Is Covered In Your Roommate’s Poop

No matter what you do to clean your toothbrush chances are that it’s still covered on poop. There’s poop on your toothbrush, and your cleaning your teeth with that poop. Do you have a roommate and/or share a bathroom with anyone? There’s an 80% chance their poop is on your toothbrush. A recent study at […]

23 Surprising Facts About Eminem That You Probably Didn’t Know

Eminem failed ninth grade three times before dropping out. Eminem’s decision to pursue rapping came after hearing the hip-hop/ rap group The Beastie Boys. Eminem lied to his baby’s momma, Kim, and said they were going to Chuck E. Cheese in order to record Hailie’s (his daughter) part for the song “’97 Bonnie & Clyde.” […]