18 Pictures Of Abandoned Supercars Collecting Dust In Dubai

It would seem that the glut of abandoned supercars littering the streets and airport car parks of Dubai are the result of locals and expats fleeing the country due to the extreme anti debt laws. Under Sharia law, observed across the Middle East, non-payment of debt is a criminal offence and as the UAE has […]

12 Regular People Who Look Skeptically Like Real Celebrities

Celebrities seem so far away from real life, but these famous faces actually turn up in some small towns more often than you might think! We’ve heard of being a small town celebrity, but this is ridiculous! CAMERON DIAZ Cameron and her hamster totally aced the county science fair this year! Her teacher was relieved […]

15 Popular Things You Were Taught In School That Are Nothing But Lies

Don’t believe everything you learn in school! Here are 15 commonly taught stories that actually have no basis in fact — you’ve been fooled this entire time! There is no gravity in space There actually is, it’s just significantly weaker compared to here on Earth. Gravity in space is actually responsible for keeping the moon […]

27 Funny Family Photo Retakes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Looking back on family photos from years past and recreating the memories in our minds is always nostalgic, but what happens when families go a step further and try to recreate the old photos? The results are hilarious. She hasn’t stopped crying for 15 years… Recreating this one was a much hairier proposition. Brace yourself, […]