10 Craziest Things Celebrities Have Done While Intoxicated

Kiefer Sutherland has a reputation for enjoying a cocktail every now and again, and he has been caught in compromising positions on more than one occasion. In the 2001 documentary I Trust You To Kill Me, the 24 star can be seen jumping into a Christmas tree. Kiefer was also photographed with his pants down […]

When You Put These 19 Items In An Ice Cube Tray, You Can Make Something Incredible

1. Let’s start off easy: freeze leftover coffee… 2. Not that we know why this would ever happen, but if you have leftover wine, freeze it and add it to your next pitcher of sangria. 3. If your yogurt is about to go bad, freeze it to make it last longer.

17 Hip-Hop Fashion Trends We Should Pray Never Come Back

Since it’s birth, Hip-hop has seen every kind of style you can imagine. Every decade, the culture managed to produce some of the most creative trends that supersedes the rest. Here are some of the Hip-hop trends we should hope never come back. Tall Tee’s Jeggings Overalls

14 Drinks From Around The World That May Freak You Out

Even the most adventurous travelers should take caution when they’re trying out any of these drinks…woof. Mekong River Eel Wine This little guys are fremented for a YEAR and then served in wine…NO THANKS. Cobra Wine It’s exactly what it sounds like. And yes, it’s served with a real cobra. And YES, it’s illegal in […]

7 Popular TV Shows That Stayed On Way Too Long

We all have our favorite TV shows, and once we find one that piques our interest, we keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be canceled. But sadly, every show must eventually come to an end — even the series that have the best characters and most intriguing plot lines. Sometimes, though, shows manage to […]

24 Greatest Pranks You May Not Have Known Was This Easy To Pull Off

Creamy Mayo Donuts This is so disgusting I think I’d gag. Perfect. Always Here Early And Stays Late You’ll get all of the promotions for being such a dedicated worker, but everyone will stop being your friend when they realize you’re not interested in ever talking to them.

13 Celebrity Who Were Caught In Shocking Plastic Surgery Disasters

Jocelyn Wildenstein Wow, just look how beautiful Jocelyn Wildenstein is in her younger years! Amanda Lepore After having sex reassignment surgery at the early age of 19, Amanda Lepore has continued with body transformations ever since. Unfortunately the surgery has now gone a step too far and produced quite freakish looks. Jackie Stone The mother […]

10 Greatest Ponzi Criminals That Ever Lived

All get-rich-quick schemes are essentially frauds. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Still looking for shortcuts and lucky breaks is primordial human nature. Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi was a crook but he was also a genius at what he did. Here we look at the 10 greatest pupils […]

The Top 25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting On Social Media

Every day, our feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are flooded with the same old crap. Girls are going crazy taking pictures of EVERYTHING throughout their days, and subjecting their friends to this garbage on all the social media sites. These following pictures are the most commonly posted, and the reason Zuckerberg gave us an […]