7. Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is a depressing disorder where people can’t orgasm, no matter how much they’re stimulated. It’s more common in women than men, and not only is it annoying (think of a sneeze that never… arrives), it can lead to sexual frustration. One potential cause is the SSRI drugs used to treat depression.


6. Vaginismus

Also known as Vaginism, this disorder can be either psychological or physical, and refers to difficulty vagina-havers experience with penetration, be it sex or inserting tampons. What makes it difficult? If you didn’t already guess from the image, the vagina muscles involuntarily clamp shut, making any acts of penetration painful or impossible. The best analogy for this disorder is that “the vaginismic reflex can be compared to the response of the eye shutting when an object comes towards it.” It can also lead to “penis captivus,” which I don’t imagine I have to translate for you.


5. Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a common cause of infertility in men, and is the result of weakened bladder neck muscles. During male orgasm, these muscles constrict to prevent semen from going the wrong way. If these muscles are weak or damaged, it goes the wrong way, and only a dribble of semen (or none) …goes out the front end.

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