8 Celebrities Caught Stuffing Their Face With Fast Food

  SELENA GOMEZ For her 21st birthday, Selena Gomez enjoyed dinner with friends at Bagatelle restaurant. However, they surprised her with a special birthday cake made from her favorite fast food, Jack In The Box tacos. Following her taco binge, the group of friends headed to Beacher’s Madhouse to enjoy VIP seats for the “Busty […]

This Weird Green Ribbon Worm Looks Likes Something From Another Planet

For one fisherman in Penghu, Taiwan, the “catch of the day” wasn’t something he snagged with his rod, but a creature he caught on video. Wei Cheng Jian captured footage of a long green worm-like animal with a pink protrusion that looks like another worm crawling out of it. The creature is believed to be […]

Minnie Mouse And Hello Kitty Headed To The Slammer For Fighting In Times Square Brawl

There are ample ways to scar your children for life while on a visit to New York City — but seeing their most beloved cartoon characters fight, and then take their heads off, might take the cake. The war between costumed characters and tourists in Times Square raged on this week, as Minnie Mouse and […]

25 Celebrities Who Married ‘Regular’ People

Hollywood can be pretty incestuous at times. When you’re a celebrity who’s surrounded by even more rich, famous, and gorgeous celebs, then you’re probably going to date within that pool. These superstars, however, broke out of the Hollywood bubble in finding their true loves. CHRISTIAN BALE Back in 2000, Bale secretly married Sibi Blazic, who […]