Every day, our feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are flooded with the same old crap. Girls are going crazy taking pictures of EVERYTHING throughout their days, and subjecting their friends to this garbage on all the social media sites. These following pictures are the most commonly posted, and the reason Zuckerberg gave us an ‘unfriend’ button.


The Body / No Head Shot

If we’re friends with you — or following you — we know who you are. Why are you blocking your head? Are you embarrassed? Other variations of this picture are taken from above with no head even in the picture. It makes no sense.


Laying Out Legs

Your glistening legs look so hot…oh wait, that’s only because you did the Lo-Fi filter. Thanks for keeping it to just your kneecaps though because if that was all you were willing to show, we probably didn’t want to see the rest.

stopposting2Text Conversations

If it’s not a picture, don’t post it. You’re either trying to prove how happy your relationship is (which means it’s probably pretty sh*tty) when we see your text from him that says “I love you baby, you’re gorgeous!” or you’re trying to show us the hilarious conversation you just had with your bestie. Haha, so funny.


OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

I just don’t know if I would get any sleep if Jessica didn’t post her “outfit of the day” every day! It is comical to make fun of all the fashion mistakes you’re making though.



Congratulations, you can reproduce. I’m not interested in the cake your child smashed, their first bowel movement, or their first steps. Wanna know why? It’s not my child. With everything being documented on the Internet these days, leave your child off of it. There are enough people looking into our business; don’t voluntarily give it to them.

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