Are Poop-Powered Buses The Thing Of The Future?

Is this bus company full of sh*t, or is this poop-powered vehicle the fastest bus around? A vehicle that runs on cow manure has set a “land speed record” for buses, the BBC reported Wednesday. The “Bus Hound,” which is powered by cow manure converted into fuel and normally functions as a public bus around […]

10 Wrestlers You May Have Not Known Done Porn

In 2004, Sean Waltman, known as X-Pac made a porn flick with then fiance, the famous female wrestler Chyna. The couple split before its release. The video contains explicit depictions of various sexual acts and sold over 100,000 copies and won an Adult Video News Award for Top Selling Release of the Year two years […]

You Won’t Believe The Disturbing Thing This Michigan Man Did To His 5-Year-Old Over Ripped Backpack

As many are aware, there is a terrifying force invading America at an increasing rate. These terrorists are able to blend in with normal society, often recruiting caretakers who will help them continue in their plot to overtake America about 25-30 years after they first appear. Yes, of course we are talking about children. Sure, […]

Disney Is Working Hard To Put An End To Selfie Sticks

Disney is cracking down on the use of selfie sticks on rides at the company’s theme parks, with reports of new signs being put into place at certain attractions in both the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim. Here’s one of the new signs at Big Thunder Mountain Rail […]