10 Craziest Things Celebrities Have Done While Intoxicated


Kiefer Sutherland has a reputation for enjoying a cocktail every now and again, and he has been caught in compromising positions on more than one occasion.

In the 2001 documentary I Trust You To Kill Me, the 24 star can be seen jumping into a Christmas tree. Kiefer was also photographed with his pants down in a California bar after a night of heavy drinking.


Anna Nicole Smith
At the 2004 American Music Awards, a very drunk Anna Nicole Smith asked the audience if they “liked her body” before introducing Kanye West to the stage.

When You Put These 19 Items In An Ice Cube Tray, You Can Make Something Incredible


1. Let’s start off easy: freeze leftover coffee…


2. Not that we know why this would ever happen, but if you have leftover wine, freeze it and add it to your next pitcher of sangria.


3. If your yogurt is about to go bad, freeze it to make it last longer.

British Tank Completely Demolishes Student Drivers’ Little Toyota

British-tank-crushes-student-drivers-Toyota-in-Germany (1)

AUGUSTDORF, German police said a student driver narrowly escaped being flattened by a British tank, but her Toyota wasn’t quite as lucky.

Lippe police said the 18-year-old student driver pulled out in front of a British military procession Monday in the town of Augustdorf and the tank driver, a 24-year-old member of the British armed services, was unable to stop the military vehicle before it crushed the front end of the Toyota hatchback.


The Challenger 2 tank was not damaged, but the Toyota, worth an estimated $13,401, was totaled.

The Toyota’s driver was not injured.

Police Seize Hundreds Of Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden In Pineapples


Spanish police say they have arrested three suspects and seized 200 kilograms (441 pounds) of cocaine that had been concealed within a shipment of pineapples that arrived at the southwestern port of Algeciras in containers sent from Central America.

The drug was hidden inside carefully hollowed-out pineapples that had been placed within 11 containers, a statement says. The cocaine had been covered in a protective coating of yellow wax that helped disguise it, the statement says.

Two of the suspects are Spaniards of Colombian descent who own fruit-importing companies in Madrid and Barcelona, although investigations are still ongoing.

Another container with drugs was stopped at the Belgian port of Antwerp, although its final destination was listed as the Netherlands.

Sunday’s statement didn’t specify when exactly the arrests were made.


17 Hip-Hop Fashion Trends We Should Pray Never Come Back


Since it’s birth, Hip-hop has seen every kind of style you can imagine. Every decade, the culture managed to produce some of the most creative trends that supersedes the rest.

Here are some of the Hip-hop trends we should hope never come back.


Tall Tee’s

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Show




14 Drinks From Around The World That May Freak You Out

Even the most adventurous travelers should take caution when they’re trying out any of these drinks…woof.

Mekong River Eel Wine


This little guys are fremented for a YEAR and then served in wine…NO THANKS.

Cobra Wine


It’s exactly what it sounds like. And yes, it’s served with a real cobra. And YES, it’s illegal in the U.S.

7 Popular TV Shows That Stayed On Way Too Long

We all have our favorite TV shows, and once we find one that piques our interest, we keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be canceled. But sadly, every show must eventually come to an end — even the series that have the best characters and most intriguing plot lines. Sometimes, though, shows manage to overstay their welcome a little too long, creating unsatisfying endings, character swaps, and a decline in ratings. As much as we hate to say goodbye, sometimes it’s best to break up sooner rather than later. Here’s a look at seven shows that should have bid farewell a little bit sooner.

1. Scrubs
The comedy-drama was a show about a group of doctors and nurses who worked at Sacred Heart Hospital. The NBC hit saw instant ratings success and ran for seven seasons before moving to ABC for Season 8. According to The Richest, the final episode was titled “My Finale” and was thought to be the end of the series. The end of the “last” episode showed J.D. (the main character of the show, played by Zach Braff) leaving Sacred Heart Hospital, daydreaming about his future. But, the show’s title was misleading in the fact that it wasn’t the finale.

ABC decided to order a ninth season, with 13 more episodes. When the ninth season began airing, it brought on a group of new characters and had the older characters, such as J.D., return in supporting roles. When it finally came time for its actual finale to air, it was a somewhat disappointing end — J.D. wasn’t even in the final episode. The Richest writes: “The ninth season certainly has its moments but just felt like it was dragging on and avoiding the inevitable. No, I don’t want no Scrubs.”

What This Florida Man Did To This Woman’s Car For Taking His Bingo Seat Is Just Wrong

Florida Man Slashes Tires

A Florida man reacted poorly to a woman sitting in his preferred bingo seat, so he’ll now have to stand in front of a judge. Fred Smith, 82, was arrested for criminal mischief on Monday after he allegedly used an ice pick to slash the tires of a van belonging to 88-year-old Ethel Britt, the Associated Press reports.

The alleged tire slashing occurred at the Lake Ashton Retirement Community Club House in Lake Wales, Florida.

Police said Smith was angry when he saw Britt sitting in his favorite seat, so he stormed out of the game and punctured two of the tires on Britt’s van, WFTV reports.



Man Dies After Drinking 56 Shots, Bartender Convicted Of Manslaughter


A French bartender was convicted of manslaughter on Wednesday after serving 56 shots to a customer who died the next day.

The customer, 56-year-old Renaud Prudhomme, downed the alcohol in October 2014 in an attempt to beat the establishment’s record of 55 shots, which bartender Gilles Crepin says he kept written on a board in Le Starter, a bar in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand. A lawyer representing Prudhomme’s daughter contends Crepin encouraged the dangerous stunt, and should be responsible for the consequences, reports Agence France-Presse.

Prudhomme proceeded to down the first 30 shots of alcohol in about one minute, ultimately drinking a liter of booze, reports The Telegraph.

Following the drinking contest, Prudhomme’s daughter escorted him home, but had to take the inebriated man to a hospital when he went into cardiac arrest. He died the next day.

The court handed Crepin a four-month suspended sentence, and banned him from working in a bar for a year. His lawyer, Renaud Portejoie, told the BBC they intend to appeal the ruling.

“It’s a decision guided by emotion and the unconscious desire to set an example,” Portejoie said. “We can’t ask every customer who buys alcohol to present their medical certificates.”