24 Greatest Pranks You May Not Have Known Was This Easy To Pull Off



Creamy Mayo Donuts
This is so disgusting I think I’d gag. Perfect.


Always Here Early And Stays Late
You’ll get all of the promotions for being such a dedicated worker, but everyone will stop being your friend when they realize you’re not interested in ever talking to them.

Woman Put In Jail Over Having Loud Sex


A woman in Birmingham, England, is heading to jail for two weeks because she had sex so loud that it annoyed her neighbors.

Gemma Wale became subject to an “antisocial behavior order” forbidding her from bothering her neighbors after they complained to the Birmingham City Council that she’d been making a racket in her apartment.

The woman, whose age was not given, had reportedly gotten into loud fights with her boyfriend, identified only as Wayne, the BBC reported.

Neighbors reported that on Jan. 29, Wale had incredibly loud sex very early in the morning, thus violating the order.

“Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up,” a neighbor said at a hearing in May. “This lasted 10 minutes.”

Birmingham County Court Judge Emma Kelly determined that Wale had violated the order, which also prohibited her from playing loud music, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stomping and slamming doors, according to The Guardian.

This isn’t the first time loud sex has led to legal trouble. Last year, an unidentified woman on a Virgin Airlines flight to Las Vegas was restrained and later questioned by authorities when the plane crew busted up a loud, mile-high tryst with another passenger in the restroom.


13 Celebrity Who Were Caught In Shocking Plastic Surgery Disasters


Jocelyn Wildenstein

Wow, just look how beautiful Jocelyn Wildenstein is in her younger years!


Amanda Lepore

After having sex reassignment surgery at the early age of 19, Amanda Lepore has continued with body transformations ever since.

Unfortunately the surgery has now gone a step too far and produced quite freakish looks.


Jackie Stone

The mother of Sylvester Stallone has regretted her surgery over the years.

10 Greatest Ponzi Criminals That Ever Lived

All get-rich-quick schemes are essentially frauds. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Still looking for shortcuts and lucky breaks is primordial human nature. Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi was a crook but he was also a genius at what he did. Here we look at the 10 greatest pupils of Ponzi who swindled, scammed and slithered their way to unimaginable riches.

If one Carlo Ponzi was alive today, he would definitely be a very proud man. Madoff, the greatest of the Ponzi disciples, managed to steal an astonishing total of $65 billion! His investment firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, operated for almost 49 years and at its peak was one of the Wall Street stalwarts. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission had previously investigated him, it was only when the house was about to tumble that he was exposed; by his own son. He now has the rest of his life to reflect on his actions in prison.

The loot – $65 billion


Billionaire, enthusiast of everything sport and women, knight of Antigua and Barbuda, Allen Stanford was the larger than life figure who financed one of the biggest single-day payouts in the history of sport. Initially, he made his fortune buying depressed property in 1980s during a real estate crisis and then selling them when the market recovered. He then moved to the Caribbean and on to the Ponzi path, starting a bank in Montserrat in 1985. Investigations against his company Stanford Financial Group were started in 2009 and he was soon arrested. He is currently awaiting trial.

The loot – $7 billion

Rihanna look-a-like Claims She Cannot Get A Boyfriend Because She Looks Too Much Like Her

A Rihanna look-a-like claims she cannot find a boyfriend because she looks too much like the popstar.

Since the Barbados-born beauty first burst onto the music scene in 2003, Bianca Guthrie reckons her resemblance to the singer has constantly ruined her life.

Stylist Bianca, now 25, says she has been stopped on the street more than a thousand times by autograph and selfie-hunters confusing her for the 27-year-old Bajan stunner – and it’s driving men away.

Bianca is more likely to be seen walking the streets of Hackney near her home than winning Grammys, but that doesn’t stop people thinking they’re the same person.

She has even done her best to get away from looking like the singer by adopting new styles – which Rih Rih then copies.

She said: “I’m single because I look like Rihanna, pure and simple.

“I have lost count at the amount of people that have been convinced I’m Rihanna – to date I’ve probably been stopped by over 1,000 people in street.

“Boyfriends have dated me purely because I look like her – it’s always the first thing they say.

“I’m desperate to find a man who sees past my resemblance to Rihanna. Blokes want me to be Rihanna, but I’m not. I’m Bianca.”

Bianca even says that the Pon De Replay songstress is copying her style, because whenever Bianca adopts a new look, Rihanna is soon to follow.

She said: “I respect Rihanna, but I wanted to be unique and now I’m just embracing my look.

“I don’t want to be just a look alike.


“When I was 14, people at my school told me I was her double.

“I ended up cutting my hair to get away from it, I liked Rihanna but when you get asked it 100 times it loses its appeal quickly.

“Next thing I knew, she’d cut her hair too, and we looked exactly the same again.

“When I left school it just got worse. I would go on holiday and people were convinced it was Rihanna. I’d be followed and then asked for a photo.

“One time in London a group of tourists ran across a busy street shouting ‘Oh my gosh it’s Rihanna!'”

Bianca is now so paranoid about her resemblance to Rihanna, who has been regularly voted one of the sexiest women on the planet, that she goes out of her way to dress differently.

She said: “I’ve found myself going online daily to see what she was doing/looking like.

“I went through phases of doing it to avoid a certain look.

“I had my hair red and then a week later Rihanna did it. “Everyone thought I had copied her so I dyed it back.

“Then I went blonde and was told I looked like Rita Ora – I couldn’t win.”

Bianca is now on the hunt for a man who hates the Umbrella singer, because hopefully he will treat her just as she is.

She added: “I won’t let my looks get in the way of my life – but if you had to look like someone, it could be a lot worse couldn’t it.”

If You’ve Never Seen An Underwater Hotel, This Room In Dubai Will Literally Have You Sleeping With The Fishes

Sleeping under the sea is a rare treat for us land dwellers. Luckily, a new wave of underwater hotels and suites in places like Bali, Pemba Island in Tanzania and the Atlantis The Palm in Dubai are letting lucky patrons sleep under the sea.

Atlantis The Palm in Dubai gained notoriety this week when it was visited by Khloe Kardashian. The famous reality star posted photos of her stay in the luxurious underwater suite, posing next to a stingray. The Palm has two such underwater suites — appropriately called Poseidon and Neptune — but it’ll take some serious star power to stay there. Typically, the rooms go for about $8,200 a night.

According to the hotel’s website, the three-story suites come with living rooms, dining rooms and even feature a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling views of an underwater lagoon that hosts 65,000 creatures. Also included? Gold-filled soap and a 24-hour butler to fulfill your every whim.

If you’re into more of a long-term stay under the surface, check out Dubai’s partially submerged “Floating Seahorse” homes. Residents will sleep with views of sea turtles (and yes, seahorses), with panoramic underwater views from their bedrooms.


The Top 25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting On Social Media

Every day, our feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are flooded with the same old crap. Girls are going crazy taking pictures of EVERYTHING throughout their days, and subjecting their friends to this garbage on all the social media sites. These following pictures are the most commonly posted, and the reason Zuckerberg gave us an ‘unfriend’ button.


The Body / No Head Shot

If we’re friends with you — or following you — we know who you are. Why are you blocking your head? Are you embarrassed? Other variations of this picture are taken from above with no head even in the picture. It makes no sense.


Laying Out Legs

Your glistening legs look so hot…oh wait, that’s only because you did the Lo-Fi filter. Thanks for keeping it to just your kneecaps though because if that was all you were willing to show, we probably didn’t want to see the rest.

stopposting2Text Conversations

If it’s not a picture, don’t post it. You’re either trying to prove how happy your relationship is (which means it’s probably pretty sh*tty) when we see your text from him that says “I love you baby, you’re gorgeous!” or you’re trying to show us the hilarious conversation you just had with your bestie. Haha, so funny.


OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

I just don’t know if I would get any sleep if Jessica didn’t post her “outfit of the day” every day! It is comical to make fun of all the fashion mistakes you’re making though.



Congratulations, you can reproduce. I’m not interested in the cake your child smashed, their first bowel movement, or their first steps. Wanna know why? It’s not my child. With everything being documented on the Internet these days, leave your child off of it. There are enough people looking into our business; don’t voluntarily give it to them.

24 People Who Didn’t Think Before They Left the House


Plane Sleeper

Apparently, he thinks he’s watching ‘I Love Lucy’ in his apartment alone.



Boobs for Days

There must not be a Victoria’s Secret in her town.



Really Skinny Jeans

I’ve heard of skinny jeans, but these really cross the line.