10 Greatest Ponzi Criminals That Ever Lived

All get-rich-quick schemes are essentially frauds. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Still looking for shortcuts and lucky breaks is primordial human nature. Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi was a crook but he was also a genius at what he did. Here we look at the 10 greatest pupils […]

Rihanna look-a-like Claims She Cannot Get A Boyfriend Because She Looks Too Much Like Her

A Rihanna look-a-like claims she cannot find a boyfriend because she looks too much like the popstar. Since the Barbados-born beauty first burst onto the music scene in 2003, Bianca Guthrie reckons her resemblance to the singer has constantly ruined her life. Stylist Bianca, now 25, says she has been stopped on the street more […]

Man Tries To Look Like The Hulk But Turns Out To Be An Abomination

A Brazilian bodybuilder injected muscle enhancing supplements to look like the Hulk pretty neat right? 3 years ago, 25-year-old amateur model/body builder Romario Dos Santos Alves seemed like a very healthy young man,until his passion for muscle gain drove him to start using Synthol. Romario learned about Synthol through his gym friends who had huge […]

Man Allows Himself To Gets Shot In Groin To Test Bulletproof Jockstrap

It takes balls to take a gunshot to the testicles. But it’s the only way Jeremiah Raber can test his invention, a bulletproof jockstrap. Raber, 38, is the man behind Nutshellz, a brand of athletic cup designed to protect a man’s testicles from anything coming their way — from a 98 MPH fastball to a […]

18 Pictures Of Abandoned Supercars Collecting Dust In Dubai

It would seem that the glut of abandoned supercars littering the streets and airport car parks of Dubai are the result of locals and expats fleeing the country due to the extreme anti debt laws. Under Sharia law, observed across the Middle East, non-payment of debt is a criminal offence and as the UAE has […]

You Got To See The Very First Elephant Selphie

Christian LeBlanc, 22, says he was feeding the elephant in Thailand, but when he ran out of bananas it turned its attention to his camera In case you didn’t know, selfies are so two months ago. The picture-snapping phenomenon has spawned a new, sub-craze – ‘elphies’ – and lucky tourist Christian LeBlanc, has bagged the […]

25 Celebrities Photobombers That Will Make Your Day

1. Emma Thompson is so excited to meet Lupita Nyong’o! 2. No one puts Neil Patrick Harris in a corner… 3. …NO ONE. 4. Making the photographer a Belieber. 5. Jay-Z’s face accurately depicts how everybody in the world feels about Robin Thicke after the last two years. 6. Geez, is there anything these two […]

17 Facts About Coca-Cola That Might Make You Think Twice About Drinking It

1. Use Coke as an easy and very effective insect repellent. Put some Coke in a bowl about an hour before your outdoor party and place it away from where you and your guests will be. Any unwanted insects and bugs will be too busy drinking the sweet and acidic soda to bother you and […]

Scientists Just Found This Amazing Warm Blooded Fish

While we’re taught that mammals and birds are warm-blooded and fish and reptiles are cold blooded, this fish, known as the opah, defies that logic. Jen Markham of Buzz60 has the scoop on this fish with the warm heart. The actual fish isn’t a new discovery, scientists have known about it for a while. What […]

This Brown Stuff Is Not All That It’s Hyped Up To Be

Nutella is one of the great tasting spreads you can pick up at your local supermarket. Beware, once you pop the top of it, it’s tough to stop! The delicious, chocolatey almond spread was originally seen as being a great substitute for peanut butter, but a recent study found out you may as well spread […]