Man Shoves AK-47 Down His Paints In An Attempt To Steal The Rifle

Is that an assault weapon in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? The Sun-Sentinel reports that police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, say a man tried to rob a pawn shop in broad daylight on Tuesday by stuffing an assault weapon down his pants. Marlon Paul Alvarez, 19, now faces grand theft […]

Godzilla Is Officially A Citizen Of Japan

Godzilla is stateless no more. The famous monster now has the papers to prove he is officially a resident of Japan, according to Japanese-language news site Shinjuku Keizai Shimbun. Godzilla was appointed both a “special resident” and tourism ambassador for Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward back in April as a promotion for the district’s new Godzilla-themed hotel, […]

10 Craziest Things Celebrities Have Done While Intoxicated

Kiefer Sutherland has a reputation for enjoying a cocktail every now and again, and he has been caught in compromising positions on more than one occasion. In the 2001 documentary I Trust You To Kill Me, the 24 star can be seen jumping into a Christmas tree. Kiefer was also photographed with his pants down […]

British Tank Completely Demolishes Student Drivers’ Little Toyota

AUGUSTDORF, German police said a student driver narrowly escaped being flattened by a British tank, but her Toyota wasn’t quite as lucky. Lippe police said the 18-year-old student driver pulled out in front of a British military procession Monday in the town of Augustdorf and the tank driver, a 24-year-old member of the British armed […]

14 Drinks From Around The World That May Freak You Out

Even the most adventurous travelers should take caution when they’re trying out any of these drinks…woof. Mekong River Eel Wine This little guys are fremented for a YEAR and then served in wine…NO THANKS. Cobra Wine It’s exactly what it sounds like. And yes, it’s served with a real cobra. And YES, it’s illegal in […]

7 Popular TV Shows That Stayed On Way Too Long

We all have our favorite TV shows, and once we find one that piques our interest, we keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be canceled. But sadly, every show must eventually come to an end — even the series that have the best characters and most intriguing plot lines. Sometimes, though, shows manage to […]

What This Florida Man Did To This Woman’s Car For Taking His Bingo Seat Is Just Wrong

A Florida man reacted poorly to a woman sitting in his preferred bingo seat, so he’ll now have to stand in front of a judge. Fred Smith, 82, was arrested for criminal mischief on Monday after he allegedly used an ice pick to slash the tires of a van belonging to 88-year-old Ethel Britt, the […]

24 Greatest Pranks You May Not Have Known Was This Easy To Pull Off

Creamy Mayo Donuts This is so disgusting I think I’d gag. Perfect. Always Here Early And Stays Late You’ll get all of the promotions for being such a dedicated worker, but everyone will stop being your friend when they realize you’re not interested in ever talking to them.