16 Awesome Things You Probably Didn’t Notice In These Famous Movies

1. Pierce Brosnan’s character in Mrs. Doubtfire isn’t really a villain. dailymail He’s depicted as the “bad guy” of the film, but he isn’t actually a villain. He’s a successful man with a ton of patience, and even forgives Mrs. Doubtfire after she nearly kills him. 2. Only one person dies in Rambo: First Blood. […]

The Tragic Past Of The Man Behind Big Bird Has Made Him Something Amazing

Big Bird is one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time. And yet, as puppeteer Caroll Spinney put its, no one knows the man who plays him from Adam. At 81 years old, Spinney was recognized on the street for one of the first times, and only because a fan knew him from […]

Tina Fey Takes It Off On ‘The Late Show’ In Honor Of David Letterman

It’s almost time to say goodbye to David Letterman, but first it’s time to say sayonara to Tina Fey’s dress. In honor of Letterman’s impending retirement, Fey vowed to never wear a fancy dress on a talk show again, and then she proved it by stripping down to her Spanx on national television. “What? Am […]

You Won’t Believe What This Texas Woman Found In Her Granola Bar

San Antonio police are investigating how a packet of cocaine ended up inside a wrapped Nature Valley granola bar. Cynthia Rodriguez of San Antonio says she was eating the bar when a small, green bag emblazoned with dollar signs fell out. Rodriguez contacted manufacturer General Mills Inc., thinking she had won a prize. Company officials […]

9 Celebrity Daughter- Mother Look-Alikes

AVA & REESE Witherspoon’s daughter Ava, 15, may have blue hair, but the two look like identical twins at the premiere of Hot Pursuit in this sweet selfie the actress posted on Instagram. JESSICA & MAXWELL DREW The blond babes both love dress-up, kisses, selfies and beach playdates – Maxwell is unequivocally Simpson’s mini-me. CHRISTIE […]