Apparently inspired by the current success of “Natalie Dylan“, a filmaker has caused outrage by trying to recruit students to auction their virginity online – and film their attempts.  Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely is promising successful male and female virgin recruits $20,000 upfront and 90 percent of any cash they make from their auctions. College Administrations and family groups are bent out of shape over the fliers that were distributed on college campuses and all over the city of Melbourne.

Whats wrong with banking off the virgin commodity.  We are experiencing a near Depression,  why not get back to basics on this one.  A question for all you jealous sluts and man whores out there is what are the alternatives?  You can squander the goods, making it readily available to everyone, therefore; deflating its value or keep it exclusive and get paid a premium for it.  That is simple economics.

Oh money ain’t everything, it can’t by you happiness.  Well love can’t buy you shit.  Should Johnny Boy get that booty because he proclaimed his love all so sincerely only to breakup two months later.

You should abstain and save it for the sacredness of marriage.  Ah, the odds are 60:40 in favor of divorce and the trend is rising.  So the sacredness of marriage is more likely to leave you broke financially and emotionally.

It just may happen that the prospects of aquiring wealth by keeping your legs close may do more to solve problems associated with teenage hyper-sexuality than all those safe sex and abstinence campaigns combined.  Why not give it a try. The only downside may be the next economic bubble to burst will be a hymen.

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