This Weird Green Ribbon Worm Looks Likes Something From Another Planet

For one fisherman in Penghu, Taiwan, the “catch of the day” wasn’t something he snagged with his rod, but a creature he caught on video. Wei Cheng Jian captured footage of a long green worm-like animal with a pink protrusion that looks like another worm crawling out of it. The creature is believed to be […]

Godzilla Is Officially A Citizen Of Japan

Godzilla is stateless no more. The famous monster now has the papers to prove he is officially a resident of Japan, according to Japanese-language news site Shinjuku Keizai Shimbun. Godzilla was appointed both a “special resident” and tourism ambassador for Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward back in April as a promotion for the district’s new Godzilla-themed hotel, […]

The Vet Removes This Huge Tumor From A Goldfish And Wait Until You See The Results

The pet fish was a little green around the gills until a vet carried out the delicate surgery, which he’s now recovering from Monty the goldfish was green around the gills until this op to remove a tumour in his head. Monty, a beloved five-year-old family pet, had multiple tumours behind its left eye which […]

When I Saw The Monster He Pulled Out Of The Water, I Gasped

I have lots of fond memories of going fishing with my dad. I remember getting our gear together, finding the perfect place off the river, and then waiting… …and waiting… …and waiting… …and then usually getting bored after an hour. I have admiration for the men and women who have the patience to make fishing […]

Indiana Teen Takes Great-Grandmother, 93, to Junior Prom

An Indiana teenager who took his 93-year-old great-grandmother to his junior prom says he had a great time, even though her early bedtime nearly cut the night short. Drew Holm says his classmates thought it “was pretty cool” that he asked Kathryn Keith to last Friday’s Crothersville High School junior prom. Holm picked Keith up […]

Man Says He Didn’t Kill Woman But Had A Sick Reason For Hanging Out With The Corpse

Help, the world is getting sicker and sicker, especially 26-year-old Bernard Howell who showed no emotion when police found him with a dead woman stuffed in a sleeping bag.

What A Crazy: Reading The Bible To His Kidnapped Victim Handcuffed In A Diaper

A man held a woman captive in handcuffs and an adult diaper for three days while he read Bible passages to her, police said.  The woman, Shykea Boykin, escaped while her said to be kidnapper slept and banged on neighbors’ doors until the cops came. Remember the intro to the song Method Man off the  […]

Goat Arrested In Car Jacking

A supposedly respectable news source is reporting that a goat was arrested on Friday when witnesses told police that one of two suspected car thieves transformed into a goat after being cornered by “vigilantes”.  The other suspect is reported to have eluded capture but the vigilant group quickly apprehended the goat and brought him to […]