This Brown Stuff Is Not All That It’s Hyped Up To Be

Nutella is one of the great tasting spreads you can pick up at your local supermarket. Beware, once you pop the top of it, it’s tough to stop! The delicious, chocolatey almond spread was originally seen as being a great substitute for peanut butter, but a recent study found out you may as well spread […]

Daily Hottest Mess: Too Fat To Work, The New Excuse For Welfare

This is some outrageous AIG hot mess shit going on in that United Welfare Kingdom.  A family of four with a combined weight of 1162 lbs say they are “too fat to work” and need more than the $30,742 they currently receive in benefits.   The Chawners AKA Chowers AKA Nawers, haven’t worked in 11 years, […]

Riding Dirty Gets Man 50 Citations In One Day

When police attempted to pull over Elvis Alonzo Barrett for a minor traffic violation, the 46 decided one was not enough.  He kicked into hot mess mode, leading officers on a chase only to crash his SUV and rack up 50 citations. Yes, 50 citations was all in a days work for the hottest mess […]

Woman Arrested For Bar Hopping With Baby

Well maybe not bar hopping, but what should be done about a mother who goes to a bar with her three week old baby?  How about a mother who breast feeds her baby after a drinking rampage of more than seven drinks?  What is to be done with the bar that allowed this mother hefer […]