7 Year Old Future Serial Killer Terrorizes Zoo

Serial killers may have a childhood history of abusing or torture animals while showing no remorse.  Well the parents of a seven year old Australian boy who went on a killing spree after braking into the local zoo should be on the look out.  He bashed some expensive lizards to death with a rock.  He […]

Man Expecting Circumcision Gets Castrated by Doctor

Ouwwwch!!!  This one is a little scarey.  It may be a little funny unless it happens to you.  A 61 year old Kentucky man is suing the doctor and his practice for removing his penis in a surgery he claims was only to be a circumcision.  The man wants an unspecified amount for “loss of […]

Warning! Posting Pix on Social Websites May Cause Unemployment

Most of you would probably not dress up like a “Tooth Fairy“.  Or go as far as to post pictures of yourself dressed like a tooth fairy on your Facebook page.  But many of you probably would call in from work for a “family emergency” out of town so you could attend a kick ass […]

Man Arrested for Stealing 87 Parking Meters

More hot crazy mess news out of New York City.   Maurice Mizrahi out of asserts “I loves New York” while he is being escorted out of a precinct by police officers.  The brooklyn man was hunted down and arrested after police got a call from his mother who found 87 meters in her basement. A source claims the […]